New Delhi: Each year World Music Day is celebrated on June 21. The day gives respect to the art form of music that binds people across culture, region, language and religion. Music also gives a channel to various emotions like love, grief, loss, and is cathartic in nature. On World Music Day, both veteran and amateur artists are celebrated and are encouraged to practise their craft.


Music Day was first celebrated in the year 1982 on the Summer Solstice in France, when the former French minister of art and culture, Jack Lange, along with Maurice Fleuret started the Fête de la Musique in Paris. That is also why World Music Day is alternatively known as Fête de la Musique as well.

After France recognised this as an event, it became a global festival, and various countries including the United States, India,  the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, Mexico,Greece, Russia, Ecuador, Australia, Peru and others also observed the day.


Music can influence, impact people across cultures and age groups. Various studies have shown that learning music can improve cognitive development, memory and brain activity. Music also has therapeutic value and can help people with anxiety and uneasiness. It is also used in times of hardships to provide strength and support to one another. Music is also played at the time of celebrations.


On World Music Day, singers, musicians organise free concerts and events for people to take part in. Veteran and amateur artists are also encouraged to hone their craft. Various cultural events are also organised on World Music Day.

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