NEW DELHI: It’s been a little less than a week and fans of the ‘Toy Story’ franchise can’t seem to get enough of the adventure that ‘Lightyear’ brought with it. Voiced by Chris Evans, the film has been released worldwide and has been running in theaters in India from 17th June. 

‘Lightyear’ follows the story of Buzz Lightyear, who along with his Star Command friends not only gets stranded on a planet but also realizes that they have traveled 62 years in the future. With a lot of adventure, drama, intrigue, and a quest to demolish evil forces, Lightyear gives us a peek into the life of the space ranger whose one of the most lovable Toy Story characters!

Chris Evans, who is the voice behind Buzz Lightyear, has become an irreplaceable part of pop culture history through the Marvel’s iconic dialogue ‘Avengers, Assemble’. With Pixar’s recent film ‘Lightyear’, he also got to voice Toy Story’s iconic dialogue ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. 

Talking about this, he said, “Well certainly, this one felt more intimidating. ‘Cause at least with ‘Avengers, assemble’ no one had done it before. But with this one, you feel kind of like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes or something. You know that someone else has kind of put their stamp on it. It’s an iconic line because someone else made it iconic. So, I was honored to say this line, I mean it’s a line that meant a lot to me, and you get goosebumps every time you do it. But you also understand that it belongs to someone else and it always will. So, you really wanna make sure you respect that.”

Since its release, the film has garnered rave reviews from critics and viewers across the globe. This is Pixar’s first theatrical release since the pandemic, and one shouldn’t miss the experience of watching it in theaters. You can go out and watch Lightyear in your nearest multiplexes and experience action, comedy, adventure, Chris Evans’s spectacular voiceover along with all the heart-wrenching emotions that Pixar films are best known for!


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