The responsibility of companies and freelancers does not end when they complete the task for which they have been hired.

If after a while an accident occurs that is related to some work that they have just carried out, they may be subject to claims for damages.

That is why it is so important to have post-work civil liability insurance that also covers them in the face of these eventualities.

What is Post-Work RC coverage?

This coverage protects the insured against claims that may arise for damages caused to third parties as a result of errors, defects or omissions on the part of the products, merchandise, assemblies, installations or work of their business activity, once these have already been made and delivered.

How long does Post Work Civil Liability Coverage last?

It is very important to know the duration during which the insurer will cover the claims after the work carried out, since, if the term exceeds that contracted, they will not be able to be attended.

Typically, these coverages cover periods between 12 and 24 months from the end of the work, although this period may vary by express agreement with the company.

In addition, the moment in which the task is considered completed and delivered to the client must be very clear, because it is from that moment that the term will begin to count.

How is it different from the Civil Liability of Exploitation?

While the Exploitation RC coverage protects against damages that may be caused at the time of the execution of the works, the Post-Work RC coverage covers claims derived from damages due to defective execution of the same works, but once these have already been delivered.

Importance of Legal Defense against Possible Claims

It is very important that companies and freelancers have legal defense coverage for the work they do, both during their completion and after finishing them.

This legal assistance covers the expenses derived from administrative and legal claims before lawsuits that they may receive for a claim derived from their work.

Differences between Post-Work Liability and Product Liability

Although both insurances cover against damages caused once the work has been delivered, the Product RC protects only before the claims that may be received for damages caused by the product that has been delivered and that is defective (such as food poisoning in bad condition that is consumed in a restaurant).

But not of the proper functioning or the damage that it may suffer (such as a breakdown in an elevator that occurs after a time of its installation because a cable was badly placed).

Examples of Post Work Civil Liability

There are many examples in which Post-Work RC acts, being very common in construction or renovation works, such as when an installer places an air conditioner in a room and after a few months it starts to malfunction due to a bad connection and begins to release water that causes a flood.

Or an electrician who undertakes an electrical installation in a home, which fails shortly after and causes a power surge that damages connected devices.

They can also occur in other areas, such as gardening if a tree has been improperly planted in a garden that ends up falling in a short time and causing injuries to people.



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