Hunting and fishing are two of the most widespread leisure activities in our country. But they are not without risk. We tell you everything you need to know to be well insured during your practice.

Hunting Insurance and Fishing Insurance

Every weekend thousands of hunting and fishing enthusiasts take to the fields, rivers and seas of the country to enjoy their hobbies.

Some activities for which the insurance sector has arranged a large amount of coverage depending on the specific type of practice that is carried out and the elements that are used.

Hunting Insurance

In america, there are more than 850,000 hunting licenses, a practice in which there is the possibility of suffering or causing a serious accident due to the use of weapons.

Hence, it is essential to have good insurance protection that covers any type of mishap.

What does Hunting Insurance Cover?

The basic coverage of hunting insurance is damage to third parties, which covers bodily damage caused to another person. In addition, other additional guarantees can be contracted, such as:

  • Material damage caused to third parties, which also usually covers bonds and legal costs.
  • Own damages, which covers accidents suffered while hunting, as well as those that may occur when moving from your place of residence to the hunting areas.
  • Assistance to people when they have suffered an accident, which facilitates their transfer to a hospital.
  • Legal defense, for the claim of damages, as well as the criminal defense of the insured.

There are also other less frequent coverages, such as compensation for loss of the weapon, hunting abroad, to protect the hunting dog or for competitions.

Is Hunting Insurance Mandatory?

Every hunter must have compulsory Civil Liability insurance to practice this activity, which covers bodily damage caused by an involuntary firing of the weapon or damage that occurs during rest time whenever hunting is being practiced.

It exclusively covers bodily damage to third parties with a limit of 90,151, 82 euros per victim, but not material damage. The hunting license cannot be obtained without having previously contracted this type of policy.

Online Hunting Insurance

Both brokerages, insurers and insurtech have been offering for years the possibility of contracting hunting insurance online, to expedite the procedures for the client.

Although contracting can be done online, it is always interesting to have professional advice so that the insurance adapts as much as possible to the hunter’s circumstances: type of hunting, if he is accompanied by dogs, if he participates in competitions, etc.

Fishing Insurance

Whether professionally or recreationally, in Spain a license is required to fish, which makes it highly advisable to have insurance that adapts to the chosen modality and protects against the various altercations that can occur.

What does Fishing Insurance Cover?

Fishing insurance usually includes:

  • Civil liability, to cover personal or material damage caused involuntarily to third parties. It also covers own damages.
  • Criminal defense and legal advice, before the damages suffered during fishing and for circumstances in which it can be imputed for practicing sport fishing with negligence.
  • Claim for personal damage caused by third parties or caused by an unforeseen event during sport or underwater fishing.
  • Medical care and compensation for disability or death.

As for its mandatory nature, this is only the case in some regions. In Murcia you have to take out your own damage coverage and Civil Liability insurance to cover damages to third parties.

This last policy is also necessary to fish in Andalusia and Catalonia. In the rest of the autonomous communities, there is no regulation that requires this type of insurance.

Underwater Fishing Insurance

In the case of underwater fishing, that which is carried out by immersing yourself freely in the water, without the help of autonomous or semi-autonomous equipment, it is necessary to have a license that is autonomous in nature.

Along with it, it is essential to contract Civil Liability insurance to be able to practice it, which covers damages to third parties, personal and material.

However, this discipline is carried out with a harpoon or fishing rifle. In addition to the mandatory RC, other coverage such as criminal defense and legal advice can be included.

Final Words

The license and Civil Liability insurance are also mandatory for all fishing boats and cover the death or bodily injury of third parties, salvage, property damage and economic losses caused to third parties and those produced to other boats.

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