Channel all your energy and enthusiasm into what you love and are passionate about. Stand up for what you believe and let the world know what you are capable of. Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to expressing your love. Fun and exciting time are foreseen for those in a relationship. You may feel bored and dissatisfied with your work. Maybe you have received a job offer, but something is putting you off. Perhaps the pay is insufficient, or the employer is asking you to relocate.

Entering a mutually beneficial partnership with a friend or a business associate is indicated. There will be financial stability, but don’t overspend. Relationships with your colleagues will get intense. There will be a commitment in relationships and a harmonious flow of love and emotions between you and your partner. If you are hoping to find love, it is on its way. Your partner will be supportive & your bond will strengthen.

There is a need for balance in relationships. If your relationship has been tested, the situation will soon improve. Demonstrate the strength of character, determination and patience to resolve differences. Act with grace and sensitivity, not anger or force. You will be full of enthusiasm to explore opportunities in your career. Let your passion propel your ideas forward. You will be ready to overcome challenges. There is a possibility of a job offer or change in position at the workplace.

All you seek from the one you love is emotional contentment and happiness. You would want your partner to be around and emotionally available as you may feel vulnerable from time to time. Avoid any arguments and try to keep things simple. Your hard work will pay off & there could be a significant change in your career or business. There will be financial stability, new opportunities & investments, but be cautious with expenditures.

You will be on an emotional roller coaster, not knowing which emotion is right and which one you should pursue. Your relationship with your spouse will be volatile, and you might feel vulnerable. There will be a lot of confusion & difference in opinions in the workplace. You may be required to make a sudden career decision or a job change because of dissatisfaction with work. Be careful with money.

There will be financial security and stability but be balanced in your approach, i.e. neither neglect finances nor get over focussed on money. Take control of situations involving money, investments & finances. It might be difficult to find a balance between your emotions and intellect. You may find yourself caught in the middle of a situation and find it challenging to maintain a balance in a friendship or romantic relationship. Keep your conversation clear and honest with your partner.

There could be the start of a new job, venture or career path. Move forward with an open mind and a positive mind. Approach your relationship with innocence and an open heart. Be spontaneous and joyful as you enter a new relationship. Money is coming your way as a bonus or promotion, but you will have to work hard and plan to ensure success. There is financial growth, and it is an excellent time to make a long-term investment.

A money-making opportunity is coming your way. You could be starting something new which will bring financial rewards and money quickly. A new job, project or a chance to gain financially & expand your business is indicated. In relationships, there will be happiness & contentment. For singles, love is on its way. You may revisit an old relationship or friendship and decide if it is worth trying again.

Things will be moving in the right direction this week. Look beyond money and consider development and ambitions too. If you are considering a business partnership, then it will be mutually beneficial. Financially, it is a good time. Don’t try to go it alone. Be more cooperative and less competitive. Express your love and emotions openly. Let your partner/ lover know your feelings about them and how much you care. Celebrate your love and bond. Marriage is on the cards for some.

You may be flooded with demands and burdened with duties and responsibilities at this time. Do not overwork or exhaust yourself. In relationships and love, you may also carry past issues or grudges. You may feel that your partner is not reciprocating. Projects will be completed, and you will receive the recognition you deserve. You will enjoy the fruits of your hard work and efforts. Finances will be looking good, and money is coming your way.

Financial security, material gains, and projects will move forward. You will witness the fruits of your hard work and efforts. There will be sufficient resources to spend on yourself and support others. There will be surprises, fun, excitement, and good news. Starting a family is also on the cards for some. Explore ways to express your love and infuse some romance in your relationship. If you like someone, it’s time to let them know how you feel.

People around you will be kind & friendly; some good news is coming your way. If you are in a relationship, there will be an opportunity for you & your partner to bring happiness to your relationship. If work has been demanding & exhausting, use your energy wisely and plan carefully to see you through. You have come quite far, don’t give up now. If you have worked hard, your efforts will pay. There may be some cash problems, so spend wisely and guard your money and valuables.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner  & Consultant)


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