New Delhi: Despite the fact that Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman, is buying Twitter, he believes that social media is destroying civilisation. Yes, you are right. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted, “Is TikTok destroying civilization?” Some individuals believe this. Or maybe it’s just social media in general? Musk’s question sparked a flurry of inquiries. Some others advised him to buy TikTok and eliminate it in order to preserve humanity. Others have said that “Dogecoin” is the “final hope” for civilization’s survival. The tweet was as follows:


It has received a great deal of attention on social media. “As a civilization, people are prioritising tiktok movies and social media over collective emphasis on becoming a technologically competent species.” Sadly, the dreams of living to see intergalactic travel are fading “remarked someone. “The fact that you think a clock is doing more damage than your rocket fuel tells everything,” another individual remarked. Learn about global warming, consider what you’ve learned, and then try typing.” Here are a few examples of reactions: Read More: Garena Free Fire redeem codes for today, 19 June: Check website, here’s how to redeem




Meanwhile, Musk recently spoke to Twitter staff for the first time, ostensibly to “assuage worries” about the transaction. Soon later, a video went viral purporting to show messages from colleagues discussing him. Only one word came out of Musk’s mouth: “interesting.” According to Reuters, Twitter employees expressed their dissatisfaction with Musk’s agenda by posting memes on Slack. “He’s trying not to be dull,” one Slack user remarked. There was also someone who said LGBT people shouldn’t trust this man. “We’ve seen this kind of homophobia and transphobia before; nothing he said is redeemable,” the person wrote. Read More: Father’s Day 2022: Check out the exciting gift ideas for your dad


Musk mentioned the need for “headcount rationalisation” at the microblogging platform. “Right now, the expenses outweigh the revenues.” That isn’t a good scenario to be in. To have revenue larger than cost, there would have to be some staffing and expense optimization,” he was cited as saying in a report. “Anyone who’s… a substantial contributor should have nothing to worry about,” Musk added.

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