Security breaches, data leaks, loss of documents… There are many risks that technology professionals are exposed to in their IT support work for companies.

To cover themselves, they must have Civil Liability (RC) insurance that protects them against possible claims from those who have been harmed.

What is Computer Liability Insurance?

The objective of this insurance is to deal with personal and material damages that a computer professional commits by error, omission or negligence during the exercise of his work activity and that harms third parties, such as clients or suppliers.

Why is RC Insurance Necessary?

An error by a computer professional can cause significant economic losses for him and his company, interrupting his work and damaging his professional reputation, to which can be added the claims of clients who may be affected.

Hence, it is necessary to have insurance that protects your assets and guarantees the continuity of the business.

Occupational risks in the Technology Sector

There are many occupational risks that a professional in the technology sector must contemplate and against which they must protect themselves.

However, the care and timely operation of computer equipment, the confidential storage of data or the authentication of the contents regarding their authorship, among other aspects of daily work, are essential.

Who is an IT Civil Liability Insurance for?

This insurance is aimed at professional activities related to computing, communication and technology, such as: computer consulting; software development, installation and maintenance; web hosting services; management and direction of PM projects; sale, installation and maintenance of hardware and software; video games development; web design and other Internet services; and sale, management and registration of domains.

Computing RC Insurance Coverage 

The insurance covers claims made against the insured that result from incorrect professional acts for the first time during the policy period, in which they have allegedly incurred in the performance of their professional duties.

They are quite specific coverages and also include protection for claims on intellectual and/or industrial property, loss of computerized records of documents or failure in data protection.

Likewise, defense expenses can be included in this policy, such as the provision of civil bonds or the establishment of criminal bonds. It also includes other optional coverages, such as General RC, Employer RC, Cruzada RC, Rental RC, Subsidiary RC of Contractors and Subcontractors, Product RC and Technological Product RC.

Claims on Intellectual and/or Industrial Property

Copyrights are protected, which grants creators and technological designers legal protection for their creations, safeguarding their patrimonial (economic) and moral rights (author’s recognition); and industrial property.

Which refers to the work as a consumer product, controlling immaterial creations for industrial and business purposes, such as a custom computer program for a client.

Loss of Computer Records of Documents

The policy safeguards against these losses, whether they are the product of a computer failure, a human error, and even when they have been caused by the dishonesty of employees, all situations quite typical of this sector of work.

Failure in Data Protection

A leak of personal data can cause damages to the owners of said data. That is why it is very important to have coverage that covers problems caused by failures in data protection, whether it is due to insufficient or inadequate compliance, or as a result of a security incident.

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