KARACHI: A popular restaurant here in Pakistan’s biggest city has come under fire after it used a popular scene from Alia Bhatt’s ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ movie to promote a men’s day at the eatery. The restaurant, Swings, on Friday (June 17) faced ire at social media for using a scene from the movie, based on the real life story of a sex worker who fought for the rights of women from her own community, where the actress who is forced into prostitution after being left at Kamathipura, tries to hauntingly attract her first customer.

Her clip and dialogues ‘Aja na Raja – what are you waiting for?’ have been used to attract customers for a men’s day special at the restaurant. The restaurant’s post read, “Swings is calling out all the Raja’s out there. Ajao and avail a 25 per cent discount on Men’s Monday at Swings!?

Facing massive criticism on social media and by its customers, the owners of the restaurant came out with a half-hearted apology which only fired up more criticism.


People were appalled at the restaurant which had used as a marketing strategy an edited clip from the Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie as a promotional gimmick on its social media pages.

The social media was flooded with criticism of the promotional gimmick with content creator Daniyal Sheikh in a Facebook post writing: “What is this? It’s promoting sexual abuse of women and literally making fun of women who are forced to be a prostitute. Try to be responsible.?

“If you guys think that this is some sort of marketing strategy and this will gain you some attention and customers then you’re sadly mistaken! Using a clip from a movie based on prostitution just shows how low and shallow you can get just for publicity,? another user wrote.

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Another user wrote that they didn’t expect such an advertisement from the restaurant and that they were ‘extremely disappointed’ with the marketing gimmick.

The restaurant on Friday night issued a clarification to calm down the social media users and only landed itself into more trouble.

“Just a concept. We didn’t mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone. The movie and this post is based on a concept. Like before, we’re open to all and will be serving you with the same love like we always have,” the owner clarified, drawing more ire with many calling out ‘Swings’ for a terrible marketing team and a tone-deaf statement.

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