Washington: Actor Iman Vellani, who has been cast as Marvel`s first Muslim superhero headliner, is excited to bring “an entirely new diaspora of fans into the MCU.” According to Deadline, Vellani, who is a 19-year-old Pakistani-Canadian, portrays Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel in the Disney Plus series `Ms Marvel`, the seventh television series in the MCU, which premiered on June 8.

Vellani told a news outlet that she was looking forward for fans` reaction, as so much of the narrative is about what it means to be a Marvel fan: “I’m excited to see their reaction. All my family back in Pakistan are so excited.”

Regarding her character`s development, she revealed that she was 17 when she was cast as 16-year-old Kamala: “We had so many conversations, the directors and I, just incorporating so much of my real-life and real-life experiences. I feel like I totally lived Kamala`s life.”

Her British co-star Rish Shah, who plays the role of Kamran, explained that blending in on set felt unusually pleasant. “It`s not often I got to go to a set where I felt like I belonged so much, where you can blend in so naturally and have people that look like us surrounding us on all fronts, whether that`s the crew, the cast, the writers` room,” he said.

`Ms Marvel` will consist of six episodes, concluding on July 13. It is part of Phase Four of the MCU. It will serve as a set-up for the film `The Marvels`, planned for release next year, in which Vellani will reprise her role as Khan along with additional cast members from the series, as per Deadline.

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