New Delhi: Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Happn, are often used to find your soulmates. However, a man using the dating app Bumble to find an apartment for rent in Mumbai has now left netizens in splits. The screenshots of his profile are now all over the microblogging platform Twitter, with many left impressed with the way the Kerala man went on a house hunt. Finding a flat in India’s financial capital indeed appears to be a tough nut to crack. In his pretty straightforward bio, he mentioned that he isn’t a sapiosexual, an individual who finds intelligence sexually attractive. 

“Not a sapiosexual. Looking for a flat in Mumbai,” the bio of his Bumble profile reads, adding that swipe right only if you were in Mumbai and okay to help him find a place to rent in Western Line since he didn’t know Hindi. (ALSO READ: Unacademy fires 150 employees from its PrepLadder team in 2nd round of layoffs: Report) 

To the question of what the quickest way to his heart is, he replied “to send me leads of non-brokerage properties in Andheri.” Also, he said on his Bumble profile he won’t judge the matches if they asked him for brokerage. (ALSO READ: Amid Agnipath protests, banks asked to explore employment opportunities for ‘Agniveers’)

The screenshots from his profile were shared on Twitter by a @superachnural. The Twitter user said in his caption, “no YOU’RE looking for a soulmate on bumble, he’s looking to rent a place in Bombay.” The house seeker indeed seems pretty desperate.

In response to the tweet, several users came up with hilarious replies. “OMG I SAW HIM ON MUMBLE CAN’T BELIEVE I SAW A CELEBRITY.” 

“The guy has his priorities straight,” another Twitter user said.

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