On the occasion of International World Yoga Day 2022,  yoga teacher and author, Ira Trivedi, who started the practice at the early age of 11 talks about the many health benefits that yoga can do. She has been practising and teaching yoga for over 25 years across the globe. Ira was a part of the team that organised the first International Day of Yoga in New Delhi, where two Guinness World Records were set. In an exclusive chat with Zee News Digital, Ira Trivedi shares tips on how you can incorporate yoga into your daily life by following a few simple steps:

Q. What difference did yoga bring into your life?

A. Yoga has brought a huge transformation in my life. I never imagined that such a simple physical practice can do this but it definitely has. And the transformation began by just doing Yoga for 10 minutes a day. So it brings in physical benefit and definitely mental and emotional benefit as well. And the spiritual evolution too is wonderful. 

Q. What’s the reason behind the rising popularity of yoga in the world today?

A. The rising popularity of Yoga in the world is this that the benefits of it, are so immense and I felt so profound that it is spread like a wildfire and it is probably the biggest export of Yoga into the world. 

Q. Can you name celebs whom you have trained?

A. I have trained former late President of India, Pranab Mukherjee and his wife. Also, I led the first international day of Yoga, 8 years ago. That was the first international day of Yoga, and it created a genius book of world records. So I have had the benefits of teaching really wonderful people and high-position Yoga and it’s been fantastic.

Q. Please share your quick yoga-at-home tips

A. Just remember that Yoga doesn’t have to be like an hour, it can just be 10 – 15 minutes. I began my day by doing a simple practice of Kapal Bhati and Anulom Vilom, breathing practices and by doing Surya namaskars. Remember simplicity is the best. 

Q. Which asanas can be performed on a daily basis despite busy schedules?

A. Yoga is a very beautiful and target practice. So for example, no need to do long asana practices. If you suffer from PCOD or PCOS make sure, you do Sarvangasana, Halasana, Matsyasana – one minute each, that’s 3 minutes. If you suffer from back pain, or lower back pain, Setu Bandha Sarvāṅgāsana could be very beneficial. If you are suffering from tight hamstrings, doing the Janushirshasana, Padahastasana can be really wonderful. So depending upon your problem you can definitely be doing a bit of Yoga that can help you.

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