The young and sassy Alaya F made her much-talked-about debut in Saif Ali Khan and Tabu starrer Jawaani Jaaneman in 2020 which helped her bag the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut that year. She impressed one and sundry with her acting chops and is quite popular on social media as well. Actress Pooja Bedi’s daughter switched to yoga during the hard times of covid-19 induced lockdown and gradually let it be a part of her regular routine. On International World Yoga Day, Alaya spoke to Zee News Digital and shared how she now follows it consistently for a healthy mind, body and soul. 

Q. When did you start doing yoga regularly and what prompted you?

A. I started doing yoga in the second lockdown as I had a lot of time. Also, the second lockdown was a very hard time. Everything was just so sad at that time, so many lives were lost and everybody was just suffering and struggling – a very dark time for a lot of people, with lots going on. I feel like yoga flowed in naturally at that time because it was a moment away from everything that was going on at that point – that’s when it started. After that, it became a part of my life because during that time I remember doing it very consistently. And it became a regular part of my life. 

Q. You have a busy acting schedule, how do you manage to sneak out time for yoga?

A. Honestly, when I am working I find it very hard to do it because am a very ‘all-it’ person. So, when am working, I just like to focus on the work and when I am training, I would just like to focus on that. Especially, like there are multiple days of shooting, day after day – then I find it very hard to work out. But, am learning the balance of it and learning how to incorporate it into my schedule. So now what I do is wake up an hour or two earlier than I have to and hopefully fit it in. 

Q. Your daily go-to asanas?

A. It depends on usually what we do at our yoga class, is that she always asks me, ‘how are you feeling today and what you feel like doing?’. And I give her some vague answers and she would create the most perfect yoga routine for that day. So, it depends on the day, how am feeling and what my goal out of that class is. 

Q. So, what’s keeping you busy these days?

A. All of this only! Lots and lots of self-care in the form of going back to my training, classes and lots of yoga, and exercise. I feel like this is the calm before the storm as I have 3 releases lined up. So, I feel like am just waiting…and spending that waiting time in training and talking to you lovely people (laughs) and keeping myself busy in one way or another. 

Q. Pick one:

– yoga or gym

– Films or theatre

– Love or Fame

– Designer wear or street style

A. Yoga, films, love because fame without love is not nice. It depends, if there is a street style piece much nicer than designer wear then street style but if there is a designer one more to my taste than the street style then the designer one. What it is, is not that important but how it looks on me. 

Q. Has love found you yet? 

A.  Yes in so many different things, you guys have noticed. I love lots of things (laughs) and lots of things love me back also. 

Q. What are you watching on OTT?

A. Oh so many things! I am re-watching Modern Family right now. When I get home and am tired at the end of the day, watching Modern Family just feels like a nice big hug. So, right binge-watching it. I usually have one show that I stick to and then watch from start to the end. Oh, am also watching Stranger Things as the new season has come out. I am watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I think the last episode just aired for the season. This is what am watching these days and it changes every week as I binge-watch quite fast. So, next week I will be watching something else. 

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