New Delhi: Government’s platforms for vaccination of children, organ and blood donation are expected to be ready in six months but data required to be seeded on these platforms may take some more time, a top official of National Health Authority said here. Speaking on the sidelines of Vivatech 2022, Co-WIN chief and National Health Authority CEO R S Sharma told PTI that parents of children will need to provide information related to birth and vaccination of child for tracking their vaccination schedule and other agencies will also need to populate their data like vaccination centres etc for it to be ready for use.

“We are preparing three different applications based on the same (co-WIN) architecture. I won’t be able to say when it will be ready because it depends on their adoption. It will start working when data will be seeded on them. The technology will be ready in six months for all three (national immunisation programme, blood and organ donation) of them,” Sharma said. (ALSO READ: Anand Mahindra tweets ‘Only in India’ on sharing a video of dazzling Bajaj Chetak scooter) 

After the success of Co-WIN platform, the government is looking to repurpose the technology for various healthcare cases. (ALSO READ: SBI Annuity Deposit Scheme: Get monthly returns by making single investment! Check details) 

It is working on repurposing Co-WIN to digitise universal immunisation programme and organ donation system and connect a patient with nearby blood donors or blood bank based on the blood group requirement.

“In case of organ donation, we will digitise the system to deliver service under the existing regulation. We will look at bringing the process of organ donation online to the extent it can be done within the existing rules. Like approval of donation by the committee which approves it can be done online. We are working on streamlining other related processes with use of technology,” Sharma said.

He said that there is a lot of support from top level leaders in India for using the technology for public good and even sharing it with other countries. Over 130 countries are in discussion with India for learning and adopting Co-WIN platform technology. 

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