New Delhi: Bill Gates made a joke about the conspiracy belief that he has been implanting microchips in Covid-19 vaccine recipients. “Wow, Bill Gates advises everyone to be vaccinated, then Internet Explorer dies a year later,” The Daily Show said on Twitter. “I guess we finally ran out of microchips,” Gates responded, “coincidence???” 

According to a report, the microchip myth had its start on the Internet. From 4pleb to Reddit, the idea claims that patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine had a magnetic tracking device connected to 5G mobile networks implanted in their bodies. Read More: 

On June 15, Internet Explorer was finally decommissioned. Last year, Microsoft announced that the new Edge browser, which is the successor to Internet Explorer, offers a compatibility mode for legacy websites and apps that still require Internet Explorer core capabilities to run. Read More: 


“Not only is Microsoft Edge a quicker, safer, and more modern browser than Internet Explorer, but it also addresses a fundamental concern: compatibility with older, legacy websites and applications.” “Internet Explorer mode (“IE mode”) is embedded into Microsoft Edge, so you can access old Internet Explorer-based websites and applications directly from Microsoft Edge,” stated Sean Lyndersay, Microsoft Edge Partner Group Program Manager.

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