New Delhi: In a shocking incident in Jaipur, a 13-year-old boy posted obscene content from the social media accounts of his parents. The gaming-addicted also hacked the mobile phones of his parents and wiped out the entire data from the devices. But that’s not all, he also reportedly threatened his parents via social media, making the case more bizarre. The parents got to know about the involvement of their child behind what was looked at as a hacking attack by a professional after they complained to the police about the shocking incidents happening with them. The parents also told the cyber cell that their phone’s screens were flashing strange animations. 

According to Mukesh Chaudhary, the Cyber expert of Police Commissionerate Jaipur, the parents also found chips and Bluetooth earphones pasted on their house’s walls. The devices gave them the impression that someone was snooping on their family. (ALSO READ: Gold price today, June 22: Check gold rates in your city) 

The cyber cell department found that their son was behind all the bizarre incidents happening with them. However, initially, the child told the police that a hacker had threatened to kill his parents. But later on, the boy admitted that he was doing all this as a prank. (ALSO READ: Markets fall after 2-day breather, Sensex trades 418 points lower) 

Chaudhary said that the police found in the investigation that it was someone from the family who was doing all this. The police found that the obscene content was posted from a smartphone which belonged to the uncle of the boy. He added that the boy used the phone quite frequently. 

“When parents told us about this, we asked the family members to monitor the activities of their son, and when parents interrogated him strictly, he admitted that he was doing it at the behest of a hacker but later said that he himself was doing all this,” Chaudhary was quoted as saying in a report by Free Press Journal. 

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